If you’re looking to add a room, additional square footage, a second level, or a basement to your existing home, LJM offers turn-key services with a wide array of options to ensure you receive the service that fits your needs.


If your home needs a refresh or you would like to update your old kitchen and bathrooms, LJM specializes in retrofit construction. Many of the concerns when working with existing conditions and older homes are “unforeseen issues”. LJM takes out the guesswork and provides all-in estimates because we know what to expect and we have the experience to protect you from the dreaded change orders!

New Construction

With over a century of collective construction experience, LJM brings assurance when building homes on steep hillsides, in flood zones, near sea level, including project requiring elaborate basements, extensive sitework and grading, utilities and working in the Public Right-of-Way, mass concrete and framing, structural steel, and a wide range of exterior and interior finishes.


Let LJM work with you to design your dream project within the budget you desire. Our projects following this method are delivered turn-key and within 2% of our initial estimates. There’s no better way to get what you want.


Already have a preferred architect or designer? Have you started the design process? No problem! At LJM, we work alongside designers, architects, and engineers at any stage of design, to estimate trending costs. We pair field experience with the ideas of the design team, and provide estimates for the ideas, before they go on paper and are set in stone. This expedites design time, and ensures that once your design is complete and is ready for construction, you already have a final cost within your budget.

Value Engineering

This method is very common, and often comes on the heels of designing a project that does not meet your budget. The good news is LJM specializes in reducing budget without starting over or cutting out massive areas of scope. If you have a design and need to cut back, call us first, we can help!